Plinko Games for Real Money in Nigerian Online Casinos

Plinko Games for Real Money in Nigerian Online Casinos

Instant casino games have been quite popular with gamblers for many years. Plinko games in Nigerian online casinos offer players more choices when it comes to gameplay compared to similar instant games such as scratch cards. This freedom in gameplay allows you to bet according to your playing style. 

Plinko casino game has its origins in a popular American TV show called The Price is Right. At its core, you must set the bet level, choose a risk level, and hit the play button. This drops a Plinko ball from the top of the screen and comes down to the bottom, where it reveals the value you will receive. There’s nothing complicated about it, and no complex thinking is involved during gameplay. Despite its straightforward gameplay, some players still don’t understand what the game is all about. If you are one such player, this guide should help you. Understand the origin and basic rules of the game, how to play Plinko online, and a few tips and tricks to maximise your gameplay by reading it to the end. 

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Plinko game origin

The game has its roots in a traditional Japanese game that was popular in the 1920s. “Pachinko,” as it was referred to, was a mechanical arcade game that inspired the creation of Plinko, which was aired as an American TV show.

The Price is Right, which aired for the first time on January 3, 1983, and has had over 9000 episodes, adapted the idea of Pachinko. The TV version of Plinko focuses on four contenders guessing the prices of items to earn chips. These chips are then released at the top of a Plinko board, with the contestants hoping they will be rewarded big when the chips land in one of the slots.  

Plonko game facts

✅ Game Type: Arcade Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe, BGaming, Turbo Games etc.
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97% – 99%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Plonko interface

  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface
  • Plonko interface

What is Plinko?

When you play Plinko game online for real money, the same mechanics are followed. Slight modifications have been incorporated into the game to make it more exciting and rewarding for the casino player. Instead of mini-games, as with the TV show, chips have been replaced with balls, which are awarded for every game round.

During gameplay, you must select the risk level, choose the bet amount, and the number of lines you’d like to play. After that, you hit the play button and watch the Plinko ball fall from the top section of the board to land at the bottom and reward you accordingly. What makes it thrilling to play Plinko is that you cannot predict where the ball will land. The best you can do is pick the right bet amount, hit play, and hope that you land a big win. At maximum bet, you can win an equivalent of €100,000.

There are two popular online Plinko games you can play. One is from Spribe, while the other is from BGaming. They both use the same concept to entertain and reward. The only difference comes about in how they are displayed. BGaming’s Plinko online game has a better user interface than Spribe’s because everything you need is displayed neatly on the same screen. It is also an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the game before you can switch to Spribe’s version. This, for example, has complicated Autoplay features that pros can use easily.

How to play Plinko game

As stated, there are two versions of Plinko you can play online. Both follow the same rules, and the objective is the same. You can also play Plinko casino games on your desktop or mobile phone. Regardless of the game you pick, the steps involved during gameplay are the same.


Pick the bet amount

This can be adjusted by clicking on the + or – buttons in the menu section


Select the risk level

This will only affect BGaming’s Plinko game. The process involves clicking on the low, normal, or high buttons.


Choose the number of lines

This affects the number of Plinko pegs that appear on the screen. BGaming’s Plinko has 8-16 levels, while Spribe’s has 12-16. Also worth noting is that Spribe’s lines can be adjusted by clicking on the ‘pins’ drop-down button.


Select “Play” to drop the Plinko ball

In Spribe’s version, selecting the risk level equals playing the game. When you click the green option, you’ve gone for the low risk. Clicking on the yellow and red options will correspond to picking normal and high risk, respectively. After the fourth step, the ball is thrown from the top of the Plinko board and gradually settles in one of the slots at the bottom of the board to award you a payout.

Plinko game winnings

Plinko is unique compared to other casino games. Winnings are generated based on the ball’s trajectory, and the resting position relies on the strategically placed Plinko pegs. Every horizontal level in the pyramid will produce a right or left swing, which dictates the path the ball will follow to the bottom. Winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake by the multiplier.

The multipliers mirror each other on either side of the pyramid. In fact, the “hole” from which the ball is dropped is at the centre of the pyramid. So, regardless of whether the ball swings to the left-hand side or right-hand side of the pyramid, the final resting position on either side of the hole will have the same multiplier.

For example, if you look at BGaming’s Plinko game, you will realise that 0.5 lies at the centre of the numbers that appear at the bottom of the Plinko board. When a ball lands on this figure, you will get the lowest payout in the game. As balls continue landing towards the 1.6 figure, i.e., 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, the payout increases. You don’t have the power to influence or determine where the ball will land.

Winnings in the Plinko casino game are generated using a provably fair system with random number generator (RNG) software. This ensures the game results are not only fair but also transparent. You will learn more about how the provably fair system works shortly.

Risk level in Plinko games

The risk level in Plinko games directly affects the game’s volatility. For those new to online casino gaming, volatility refers to how often and how much you win. High volatility means wins come less often, but the payouts are massive when they do. When you have low volatility, it means you will score more wins often, but the amount is small.

Before you can change the risk level as you play Plinko online, you must have an objective of how much money you’d like to win and how much you have to risk. Both versions of Plinko have three risk-level options. high risk, normal/medium risk, and low risk. Generally, low and medium/normal-risk options are best suited for players planning to drop fewer balls. On the other hand, if you drop more balls in the hope of scoring big, you can always go for the high-risk setting.

  • Low-risk play in Plinko

    Like any other online casino game, selecting the low-risk option gives you low payouts. While the payout may be small, there is less potential to lose. This is because there are fewer pegs on the Plinko board to interfere with the ball’s movement.

  • High-risk play in Plinko

    If you choose the high-risk option, you have the potential to get higher returns and a chance to score the maximum payout of €100,000. As you’d expect, this comes with many pegs, especially in the middle section of the pyramid. Many pegs mean more interference to the ball and, consequently, decreased winning chances.

Plinko games RTP

✅ Plinko XY by BGaming 99.0%
✅ Turbo Plinko by Turbo games 99.0%
✅ Plinko by Spribe 97.0%
✅ Plinko by Gaming Corps 94.79%

Provably Fair experience in Plinko online game

Provably fair Plinko online games use cryptographic algorithms to warrant the game’s outcome is fair and cannot be altered by the online casino. These games are found in online casinos that support cryptocurrencies such as Tether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

In traditional online casinos, games are usually controlled by a central server. This makes it easy for a rogue online casino to manipulate the outcome. It’s rare for this to happen, but it sometimes happens. In such a case, the player ends up losing his/her earned money. This is not the case when you consider provably fair casino games. These use cryptographic algorithms, ensuring the games’ outcomes are fair and verifiable by the player. 

Automatic mode in Plinko

The automatic mode feature comes in handy when you want to drop balls continuously from the hole without manually pressing the play button each time. In BGaming’s Plinko game, this setting is very basic and only has two parameters to pick from; setting the auto mode and picking the number of rounds you’d like to play in automatic mode. The maximum number of rounds is set at 1000.

Spribe’s automatic mode is slightly different. It might have up to 500 automatic rounds, which are half of what BGaming’s version offers, but it comes with six other parameters. These include picking what the game should do when the cash reaches/decreases by a certain amount, what to do if you win by a certain bet and many more. These extra options give you more control over your bet. 

Plinko tips and tricks

Results in the Plinko game are usually determined by a random number generator. This software generates millions of numbers randomly, representing a game’s outcome. When you hit the play button, one of the million numbers is randomly picked to represent the outcome. Because of this, it is very difficult to predict the outcome of Plinko correctly.

Despite the randomness of the Plinko online game, it doesn’t mean that there are no plays that you can make to improve your chances of winning. Below are some tips and tricks that should help you increase your winning chances. They are very basic, with some usually being ignored. However, they tend to significantly determine whether you win or not.

  • Manage your bankroll wisely

    Often an overlooked strategy, it’s advisable that you consider your bankroll as you play Plinko for real money. Plinko has an RTP of about 99%, which means with a proper bankroll management strategy (increasing and decreasing your bets depending on how you are winning/losing), there’s a high chance of winning more than losing. As with any other online casino, the rule of thumb is that your bankroll should be able to last for at least 20 successive losses.

  • Keep the volatility low

    This can be achieved by setting the game to “low” risk. I know what you are thinking, but choosing this equals winning less money. It is true that you will be winning less money, but would you rather that or keep losing money with the “high” risk option? Playing low-risk keeps the game’s volatility low and increases your chances of winning.

  • Adjust the number of Plinko pegs accordingly

    The word “accordingly” has been used because you can adjust the Plinko pegs in two ways. By increasing the number of pegs, you are increasing the distance the Plinko ball has to travel. This, when combined with the high volatility of the game, can make it difficult for you to score big.

Play Plinko for free


Did you ever think watching a ball fall and bounce on pegs could be exciting? Plinko gambling game brings you a simplistic yet entertaining experience that could make you smile when you win real money rewards. Not only will you be able to win cash as you play Plinko for real money, but you will also do so in a fair manner. The game uses provably fair technology, which you can use to validate the fairness of the game’s outcome. 

There are two versions of Plinko games in Nigerian online casinos; one from Spribe and another one from BGaming. They both use the same gameplay mechanics but differ slightly in the user interface and in-game features. Plinko casino games can be played online for free in demo mode before committing any real money. To put whatever you have just read into perspective, ensure you try it in demo mode before committing real money. 

Plinko game FAQ

What is Plinko?

Plinko is chance based game you can play at online casinos. It draws inspiration from a popular American TV show – The Price is Right. However, unlike the TV show, the Plinko game online lets you place a bet hoping the ball will land in a slot that will reward you big.

How to play Plinko?

To play Plinko online, you simply need to pick a bet amount, choose the number of lines you'd like to play, risk level and select the 'play' button. A ball will then be dropped from the top of the Plinko board and will bounce along the pegs to the bottom of the pyramid to reward you.

How much can I win in Plinko?

The amount of money you can win as you play the Plinko game online for real money varies depending on several factors. For example, the risk level, the number of Plinko pegs you choose, and the bet amount. However, at maximum bet and high risk, you can win a maximum of €100,000.

Can I bet cryptocurrency in Plinko?

Yes, it is possible to bet using cryptocurrencies while playing Plinko. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, and other popular cryptocurrencies to bet. The ability to use cryptocurrencies is one of the reasons why Plinko is a provably fair game.

Which Plinko is better: from BGaming or Spribe?

Both games use the same mechanics and follow the same rules during gameplay. However, if you are searching for a more simplistic version of online Plinko, you should play BGaming’s version.

Are there any Plinko strategies?

There are no strategies you can use to influence the outcome of the Plinko online game. However, there are plays you can make to increase your chances of winning. These mostly include bankroll management, picking the right casino to play, and understanding the basic game rules.