Aviator in Nigerian Online Casinos

Aviator in Nigerian Online Casinos

Crash games are quite a recent trend in online casinos, and their gameplay is way different from what a typical bettor would expect to see on any gambling site. Aviator game online is a shining example of a regular crash game, which has gone viral, regardless of its simplicity and basic graphics. Newcomers may think of this game as somewhat easy and superficial, which can lead to their ignoring the game rules. Despite its alleged primitivism, Aviator money game is more profound than it appears, with players having to put in place different strategies and approaches to make the most out of each round. 

Betting sizes are tailored to every budget, as you can invest as low as 10 cents or make a huge $100 bet per flight. This review explores the ins and outs of this multiplayer game and gives insight into the most useful strategies one can apply to maximise the winning chances, among other helpful info.  

Best Casinos to Play Aviator JUNE 2024

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122 Bet22 Bet ReviewGet up to $300 on your first deposit!
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2GGbetGGbet ReviewUp to $1000 on your first three deposits!
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3N1 CasinoN1 Casino Reviewup to $400 on your first four deposits!
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4ParipesaParipesa ReviewGet up to NGN750,000 on four deposits!
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5BetwinnerBetwinner Review$1500 on your first four deposits!
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61XBet1XBet ReviewUp to ₦150,000 on four initial deposits!
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7Zodiac BetZodiac Bet ReviewGet up to ₦440,000 on four deposits!
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8BC.GameBC.Game ReviewUp to ₦101,630,000 bonus on four initial deposits!
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9BitkingzBitkingz ReviewGet up to 20% cashback every day!
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10BitStarzBitStarz ReviewClaim up to ₦230,000 on your first four deposits!
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12Nine CasinoNine Casino ReviewUp to ₦225,000 on three deposits!
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What is a crash game?

Aviator falls under the category of crash games. It was developed by Plinko, and the provider calls Aviator and a few other proprietary titles (Mines, Keno, Mini Roulette, etc.) Turbo games, though this term is rarely used in the gambling niche. Crash games are based on a common principle: there is a multiplier that goes up and then stops at any time. What drives this multiplier differs across games. 

For example, in Aviator, there is a plane that is climbing and dragging a curved line higher. Spaceman by Pragmatic Play shows an astronaut trying to fly as high as possible. The key challenge for every player is to cash out the money before the moment the plane (rocket, astronaut, etc.) crashes or flies away, at which point the multiplier stops climbing, and all active bets are considered to be lost—and this is what makes the Aviator betting game so thrilling and exciting.

Aviator game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Spribe
🥇 Release Date: February 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.10 – $100

Aviator interface

  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface
  • Aviator interface

Aviator game stats 

The game screen is divided into several areas, with the central one reserved for the plane. The main statistical information is located at the top, and players are strongly advised to watch it regularly. It is a line with figures that reflect the results of the last rounds, the exact number of which depends on the screen size of the player’s device. For deeper statistics, one should click on the arrow next to the figures to get them to expand and reveal around 50 past results.

The Aviator real money game uses colour differentiation to help players catch the stats instantly without having to see into each value. Lower amounts (x1.00 to x1.99) are light blue, and the higher the coefficients, the darker their colour. Keeping track of the stats will allow smart players to adjust their betting strategies, modify bet sizes, change the timing, and ultimately get more winnings.  

Long-term statistics in Aviator game online   

The left-hand part of the game is perhaps not as helpful as the top stats, but an attentive player can also benefit from monitoring it occasionally. It has three tabs that break down the statistics into My Bets, All Bets, and Top (the latter section will be examined later).

  • My Bets

    Here you can see the full story of your bets made during the current session. To keep you fully informed, it shows the date, bet sizes, the final coefficients at which the plane crashed, and the win for each round. The game software uses the same colour palette as the Past Results string, so you can take it in easily.  

  • All Bets

    This field is arranged similarly to the above, but it serves to report the latest (or current) bets of all players connected to the game. Opening that tab, you will get to know how many players are active at the moment—at peak times, there are some 500 to 600 users wagering at a time. Looking at this long table, you can see each user’s bet sizes and winnings.

4 steps to playing Aviator money game

Below the main screen with the climbing plane, you can see two betting areas with a set of control buttons. Interestingly, the game allows making two bets at a time, which opens up prospects for utilising strategies and various approaches. Based on your preferences and experience, you can choose whether to make one or two bets. Besides, there are a few helpful tools for bet management. Here are four steps that summarise a typical round:


Pick a bet size

Using the arrow control buttons in the designated areas, customise your bet size for the subsequent round.


Consider using Auto options

You can make betting easier by adjusting the Auto Cash Out and Auto Bet tools at the bottom of the user interface. 


Place one or two bets

Make up your mind on how many bets you prefer to put into the round. Each way has its pros and downsides, which are covered below in this post.


Tap Cash Out

Take your money from the game until the multiplier stops counting. Do this manually by tapping the button in the betting area or use the feature mentioned in p. 2 above.

Aviator game video

Bet sizes and currencies in Aviator betting game

Perhaps you have seen the same game featuring different maximum limits across casinos. This is because some online casinos are entitled to modify the range of bet sizes in the slots and table games developed by software providers—though this does not occur often. Contrary to that, Aviator comes with a permanent, fixed range that is constant whatever casino you visit. 

This range is $0.10 to $100, and the same applies to euros, pounds sterling, and the local dollar currencies (Canadian $, etc.). Similarly, a player living in India will see the equivalent of the said sums in their domestic monetary unit, INR (Indian rands). Given one may make two bets at a time, up to $200 can be at stake during one round.  

Spribe Aviator game tips and tricks

Aviator is a kind of game that even a complete novice can learn quickly. However, seasoned players still get higher profits in the long run because they know the ins and outs of the Aviator real money game. Knowing the basic rules is not enough to make your winning streak last longer—You should be well-versed in the most intricate things about this crash game, including Aviator tips and tricks that seasoned players have come up with and tested successfully. Some of them are listed below.

  • Play with caution on high multipliers

    Aviator offers high multipliers that can be enticing, but they also come with higher risks. Be cautious when betting on high multipliers, as they are less likely to hit and can result in significant losses.

  • Watch for patterns

    Keep an eye on the game’s history to identify any patterns or trends. For example, if certain multipliers or outcomes have appeared frequently in recent rounds, you may want to consider adjusting your bets accordingly.

  • Utilise progressive betting

    Progressive betting strategies, such as the Martingale system, involve adjusting your bet size based on the outcome of the previous round. This can be a strategy to consider in Aviator, but use it cautiously and be mindful of your bankroll.

Play aviator game for free

Why is it impossible to always win in Aviator game?

A discriminating reader would certainly think at this point, “What will happen if I set the Auto Cash Out feature at x1.01?” Assume you do this. Everything looks ideal: you bet $100 and set the automatic cashout module for x1.01; thus, you earn $1 every round. Unfortunately, paradise will not last forever, and at some point, you will lose your entire bet.

This happens because the Aviator game algorithm is programmed in a way to produce an x1.00 outcome, which we can call “an instant loss”—much like hitting a zero in roulette. When this happens, all bets in that round are lost, even the ones set to be cashed out at x1.01. Because of this instant loss, it is impossible to land winning coefficients in every round.    

Key strategies in Aviator game online

A diversity of strategies in the Aviator game is underpinned by the dual-betting system. Injecting two bets to a game round, a player can try various takes, e.g. one can try to combine high and low bet amounts or cash out the bets at different times. Using a strategy is not the key to success, and one can play intuitively without any patterns, which is not that bad. However, experts believe that a consistent approach to any game, including Aviator, makes winnings likelier on a long-term horizon.

  • Multiplier hunting

    In the Aviator crash game, players can bet on the multiplier at which the plane crashes. Some players may choose to “hunt” for higher multipliers, such as 100x or above, and place bets accordingly. This strategy involves taking a high-risk approach, as higher multipliers are less likely to occur but can result in significant winnings if the player is lucky.

  • Dual-Bet approach

    This strategy involves placing two bets simultaneously, one with a low multiplier and the other with a high multiplier. For example, a player may place a bet with a 1x multiplier and another bet with a 10x or higher multiplier. This strategy aims to cover both low and high multipliers, providing a balanced risk-reward ratio. If the low multiplier bet wins, it helps to mitigate losses, while if the high multiplier bet wins, it can result in significant winnings.

  • Hedge betting

    This strategy involves placing a bet with a low multiplier and another bet with a high multiplier to hedge against potential losses. For example, if the player places a high bet on a high multiplier and a low bet on a low multiplier, they may be able to cover their losses if the high multiplier bet loses but still have a chance to win if the low multiplier bet wins. This strategy aims to minimise losses while maintaining the potential for a big win.

  • Progressive dual-bet approach

    This strategy is similar to the dual-bet approach, but it involves adjusting the bet amounts based on the outcome of the previous rounds. For example, if the player wins the low multiplier bet, they may increase the bet amount for the next round, while if they lose, they may decrease the bet amount. This strategy allows players to adjust their bets based on their current performance.

Spribe aviator alternatives

Provider Game name
Aviatrix ⭐ Aviatrix
Smartsoft Gaming ⭐ Jet X
Onlyplay ⭐ F777 Fighter
BGaming ⭐ Space XY
Fugaso ⭐ Magnify Man
1X2gaming ⭐ Crashout Fireworks
FunFair ⭐ AstroBoomers Turbo!

Games similar to Aviator

The “Crash Games” category features more than a hundred titles that are based on the same principles as Aviator: There’s a multiplier that stops counting at some point. The most popular Aviator alternatives are listed below:

  • spacexy

    SpaceXY (BGaming) 

    A fast-paced crash game with simple graphics and a wide betting limit ($0.1—$1000). It looks like Aviator in many respects, incl. its 97% RTP and double-bet system that allows one to win up to x10,000. 

  • jetx

    JetX (SmartSoft)

    Players navigate a jet-powered spacecraft through a colourful and dynamic environment while placing bets on an increasing multiplier that can crash at any moment. Players need to decide when to cash out before the multiplier crashes to win payouts, with the gameplay combining elements of skill and luck. Bets range from $0.1 to $600.

  • Spaceman

    Spaceman (Pragmatic Play)

    This is a visually rich game (compared to Aviator) with a winning cap of x5000. A player can set an auto cashout and bet $ to $100. “Cashout 50%” is a unique feature enabling one to secure some winnings while still having a chance to grab more. There’s a multiplayer chat to keep things even more interesting. 

  • cash it

    Cash It (Playtech Origins)

    A new release (Feb 2023) from Playtech Origins, the crash game has a minimalistic design and a Collect Half feature. Its x5000 cap on winnings and x96% RTP may disappoint some, but it is still a good alternative to the Aviator game.

  • Triple Cash Or Crash

    Triple Cash Or Crash (Betsoft)

    This is a recent addition (2023) to the Betsoft portfolio, and its giant x100,000 cap makes it a perfect game for daredevils. Moreover, there are three available wagers, so you can harvest wins from three astronauts at once. This is a really brilliant title in the crash games family and a potentially beneficial one.


Aviator is one of the top-ranked crash games with multiplier-based gameplay. Here, you watch the aeroplane climbing up and try to collect your bet+winnings before it flies away.  Given the absence of any winning caps, it enables lucky players to harvest thousands of dollars in one round. The Aviator online game has a simplistic, even primitive design, a $0.1—$100 bet range, and a multiplayer live chat. Besides, some casinos can offer free bets or bonuses associated with this crash game. Like other casino games, Aviator is a game of luck, but you can still use strategies and tips to raise your winning chances.

Aviator game FAQ

How much can I win in Aviator?

The amount you can win in Aviator depends on your bet amount and the outcome of the game, which is determined by the game's mechanics and random chance.

How to play Aviator game?

To play the Aviator game, you place a bet on the outcome of the plane crash and then wait for the plane to take off. You can choose to cash out at any time before the plane crashes or let your bet ride for a chance to win a higher multiplier.

Is Aviator game legit in Nigeria?

Yes, the game is fully legit in Nigerian online casinos.

When should I click cash out?

The optimal time to click cash out in the Aviator game depends on your risk tolerance and strategy. You can cash out at any time before the plane crashes to secure your winnings, but clicking too early may result in lower payouts compared to letting your bet ride for a higher multiplier.

Are there any tips and tricks in Aviator?

As a game of chance, there are no guaranteed tricks or strategies to win the Aviator game algorithm. The outcome is determined by random chance, and it's important not to rely on any supposed tricks or strategies for success. However, there are a few helpful tips that allow for maximizing the winning chances.