Online Blackjack for Real Money in Nigeria 2024

Online Blackjack for Real Money in Nigeria 2024

Blackjack has remained a fantastic game not only in brick-and-mortar arenas but across online casinos as well. One of the many appealing features of blackjack is its competitive nature, which requires fast and calculated gameplay. While there are multiple game variations, it’s safe to mention that the concept remains the same. This is why you’ll find both traditional and more modern versions of the best online casino blackjack in Nigeria. Some games have more card decks than others, different payouts for a natural blackjack, varying rules for dealers and players, etc. 

Some online real blackjack titles even have side bets, which is a wonderful feature that increases the overall fun of the game. This article takes a detailed look at popular blackjack versions, basic rules, strategies, and payouts, among others. You’ll also find our expert picks of the best blackjack online casinos in the country.

Best Online Casinos to Play Blackjack JULY 2024

CasinoWelcome OfferRatingBonusVisit
USSD payment option
122 Bet22 Bet ReviewGet up to $300 on your first deposit!
$300Players from US welcomePlay now!
2GGbetGGbet ReviewUp to $1000 on your first three deposits!
$1000Players from US welcomePlay now!
3N1 CasinoN1 Casino Reviewup to $400 on your first four deposits!
$400Players from US welcomePlay now!
Interswitch payments
4ParipesaParipesa ReviewGet up to NGN750,000 on four deposits!
NGN750,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
5BetwinnerBetwinner Review$1500 on your first four deposits!
$1500Players from US welcomePlay now!
61XBet1XBet ReviewUp to ₦150,000 on four initial deposits!
₦150,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
7Zodiac BetZodiac Bet ReviewGet up to ₦440,000 on four deposits!
₦440,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
Huge bonus!
8BC.GameBC.Game ReviewUp to ₦101,630,000 bonus on four initial deposits!
₦101,630,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
9BitkingzBitkingz ReviewGet up to 20% cashback every day!
20% cashbackPlayers from US welcomePlay now!
10BitStarzBitStarz ReviewClaim up to ₦230,000 on your first four deposits!
₦230,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
11WazambaWazamba ReviewUp to ₦250,000 on the first deposit!
₦250,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
12Nine CasinoNine Casino ReviewUp to ₦225,000 on three deposits!
₦225,000Players from US welcomePlay now!
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How to play online blackjack

Blackjack is a highly competitive game; learning how it works is an excellent step to mastering it. The idea of the game is to score a higher hand than the dealer, typically with a value close enough to 21. However, you must avoid scoring higher than 21. Otherwise, you’ll bust (lose the game). This section explains some game rules that will help you navigate this table game better. 

  • Hit

    After being dealt initial cards and you wish to increase your hand total, you’ll do so by ‘hitting’. The ‘hit’ button is displayed on the screen after you get dealt the cards. But you must also consider your hand before hitting. For example, hitting may not be considered the best decision if your two initial cards have a high value of 18 or 20.

  • Stand

    The ‘stand’ option is taken whenever you’re comfortable with your hand. If two or three cards are enough to compete against the dealer, you can stop requesting cards by ‘standing’. Once you’ve got enough score that gives you confidence in possibly having the upper hand against the dealer (without busting), you can stand. Upon standing, the dealer will then be dealt cards, after which the winning side is shown on the screen.

  • Double down

    The Double Down option allows you to double your original bet and receive just one card from the deck. Irrespective of the hand value, you must stand after doubling down. Also, most games only allow doubling down on 9, 10 or 11. It must also be noted that doubling down your wager should depend mainly on your hands. The option is best played in line with a game’s strategy chart. 

  • Split

    Should your first two cards have the same value, most blackjack games allow you to make another wager equal to your initial one and separate the cards into two hands. This is called a split. After splitting, one new card must be dealt to each hand, and you can then hit, stand or double down. However, you must note that doubling down after splitting hands is rarely allowed.

  • Surrender

    The surrender option is allowed if you don’t like your initial hand. In this case, you can drop them and end the gameplay at the cost of losing half your bet. This means that surrendering is the only action you take on that round. However, it must be stressed that many blackjack games do not offer the surrender option. Since we’ve explained the fundamental decisions you can take while playing blackjack, let’s also look at the payouts: Blackjack: 3:2; Regular win (not blackjack): 1:1; Insurance: 2:1.

  • Insurance

    An insurance bet is a side bet you’ll find in almost every blackjack title. This is a bet that the dealer has a blackjack. So, if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, the insurance bet may be made. Should the dealer have a blackjack, the player wins 2x their bet. But if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the player loses the bet. 

Online blackjack interface

  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface

Online blackjack basic strategy

When it comes to online real blackjack, the basic strategy is one of the most recurrent terms you’ll find in blackjack reviews on gambling information sites. As you play this game, especially for real money, you’ll find that it’s necessary to have some workable strategies. These strategies are typically presented in charts to make it easier and more straightforward for players to understand them. Through such charts, you’ll be guided appropriately on when to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender (if allowed).  

Thankfully, almost every blackjack variation has its dedicated chart, so you can make out time to study and master them. Doing so will help reduce the house edge to 1.2%, 1% or even 0.5%. Due to varying house edges, the number of card decks, and specific rules for doubling down and splitting, strategies differ for each bj game. For example, while splitting a pair of 6 in some titles is appropriate, it’d be a poor decision in others. With that said, there are certain general basic strategies you should consider adopting:

  • Stand on hard 17 or higher 
  • Split 8s and Aces
  • Hit when your hand total is 8 or less
  • Stand with 12 through 16 against the dealer’s 2 through 6
  • Double down on 11 against the dealer’s 2-10
  • Double down on soft 17 against the dealer’s 3 through 6. If not, hit
  • Double down when you have soft 13 to 18 against the dealer’s 5 or 6
  • Avoid taking insurance bets 

Card counting in online blackjack

As a newbie seeking to play blackjack online in Nigeria, card counting is one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll likely want to pick up. The basic idea behind card counting is keeping note of the cards that have been dealt so that you may gain some advantage over the house. 

Contrary to what people may believe, we must state that card counting doesn’t work in online blackjack for some reasons. The first and most notable reason is that online blackjack is developed with, and functions with, random number generator (RNG) systems in real money online casinos. For this reason, cards from decks are created and shuffled by the system. As such, you can be dealt any cards should you hit, double down or split – and this defeats the concept of card counting.

Also, deck penetration is another reason cards are not counted in online casinos. Deck penetration simply means the number of decks dealt before a reshuffle takes place. It’s not viable for brick-and-mortar casinos to shuffle decks each time hands are dealt, so some croupiers deal three or four decks before shuffling. Since online casinos reshuffle cards after each round, it becomes impossible for players to keep count of how many cards and decks are dealt. 

Winning odds in online blackjack

If you’d like to earn some rewards out of your blackjack game, the least you can do is to know what you’d be earning. To know this, it’s also essential to understand a concept known as return to player (RTP), which you’ll find in every blackjack title. The RTP of a game simply means the total amount the game would theoretically pay out in the long run. For example, NetEnt’s  Classic Blackjack has a 99.59% RTP. So, for every 1000 nairas bet you place on this game, you can theoretically win 995.9 nairas over a long time while the casino retains 4.1 nairas. The part of your bet kept by the casino is called the house edge, which is the casino’s advantage over you. 

Probability represents the chances of getting a given result in blackjack. For instance, the chance of getting a random win at the best online blackjack casinos is 42.22%. The chances of a push (tie) are 8.48%, while losing is 49.10%. Having said that, the probability of having a blackjack (21) in any given round depends on the number of decks used. For a single-deck game, your chance of getting a blackjack is 4.83%, while it reduces to 4.78% with two decks. 

Blackjack rules affecting the player’s return

Regarding blackjack RTP, specific minor game rules increase or decrease the house edge and player edge by extension. Some rules include the following:          

  • Using 8 decks as opposed to 1 deck increases the house edge by 61%
  • The house edge rises by 1.3% if you play a game with a 6:5 payout for blackjack rather than a 3:2
  • An increase of 0.08% in house edge occurs if the surrender option isn’t allowed
  • If you’re allowed to double down on only 10 or 11, the house edge increases by 0.18%/0.25%
  • When the dealer hits on a soft 17 rather than standing, the house edge goes up by 0.21%
  • Where players aren’t permitted to hit split aces, a house edge increases by 0.18%
  • The house edge also goes up by 0.07% if the player can’t re-split aces
  • If players can’t double after a re-split, a 0.14 house-edge increase occurs   

Online blackjack tips

For so many years, professional blackjack players around the world have committed their time and resources to learn how to play the game better. While mastering basic strategies is required to play blackjack really well, the game is still random and dependent on chance. If anyone were so sure of winning in online blackjack, they would render many blackjack casinos bankrupt. Thankfully, expert gambling information sites like ours are constantly working to help you maximise winning probabilities in blackjack. In this light, this section provides some useful tips that can help you play blackjack for money online better.


Avoid making insurance bets

Insurance bet often sounds like a great bet to newbies because it seems to hedge the player against the dealer having a natural blackjack. But that’s not the case. In fact, blackjack pros don’t take insurance bets. With an ace as the dealer’s up card, the dealer’s odds of getting a blackjack is 9:4%. Since card counting is impossible in online blackjack, you’d never know when an insurance bet is beneficial. So, we advise that you avoid it entirely.


Avoid splitting a pair of fours, fives and tens

With eight, ten and twenty for a pair of fours, fives and tens, respectively, you have a good starting hand. When you have a pair of tens (twenty in total), you should stand. Also, when you have a pair of fours or fives, you can get a blackjack or close to it on your next hit. But when you split any of these pairs, you reduce your chances significantly.


Master the blackjack basic strategy 

Playing without a basic blackjack strategy is quite harmful, as you’ll very likely make some mistakes. However, even blackjack strategies do not guarantee you’ll always win. Still, they help you understand when you can take certain decisions and stay ahead of your gameplay. Thus, we recommend using them to play blackjack online.


Have some financial discipline

Financial discipline and self-restraint are essential traits you must develop to play online blackjack for real money anywhere efficiently. Financial discipline entails setting your own bankroll and managing it, limiting how much and how long you play and abiding by the limits you set. Disciplined players know when to stop and when to leverage their chance to win more.


Practise with demo games

Unlike online blackjack with a live dealer, most RNG online blackjack titles have a demo version. You can play such versions for free at any time of the day at all top casinos. By doing so, you’ll not only understand how the game works but also perfect your understanding of blackjack basic strategy charts.

Online blackjack providers in Nigerian online casinos

Some software providers have succeeded greatly in the industry; hence you’ll find their games almost everywhere. At the best online casinos for blackjack in Nigeria, you’ll find numerous variations of the game, including regular ones and with side bets. All you need to do is check out games by some of the best providers around, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Amaya, Yggdrasil and iSoftBet. Let’s take a look at some of their blackjack offerings.

  • netent


    NetEnt is a casino software giant that operates in most regulated gambling markets worldwide. It has some of the most followed casino slots, table games and instant titles. This developer is famed for high-quality audiovisuals, so you can expect their blackjack titles to deliver top-notch thrills. NetEnt has a thing for making a series of games out of one popular release so that different levels of players will enjoy them. For example, there’s the Single Deck Professional Series, Blackjack Professional Series (High Limit, Low Limit & VIP), and Blackjack Single Deck Professional Series. Other notable titles by NetEnt include Classic Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack Professional series, Pontoon Professional series, etc. 

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  • microgaming


    Microgaming is one of those providers you’ll see almost everywhere, as it has been around for over two decades. This provider has blackjack titles designed to fascinate both beginners and seasoned players. If you like titles with one, six or eight decks, you’ll find them in Microgaming’s collection. These include Double Exposure Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, Atlantic City Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Gold Blackjack, Classic Blackjack and many more.

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  • playngo

    Play’n GO

    Play’n GO is a top-tier software provider that began business in 2005 and has since spread across so many gambling-friendly jurisdictions. The company started making mobile-first games before many other software providers out there. And to this day, its games are ideally suited to mobile casinos. Play’n GO’s blackjack library may not be extensive, but it has incredible titles in all top NG casinos. From its European Blackjack to Single Deck Blackjack and Double Exposure Blackjack, Play’n GO games of this kind are pretty solid.

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  • amaya


    As a prominent software creator, Amaya supplies products to online casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites and online lottery platforms. In addition, the company equally serves many land-based gambling markets by supplying engaging content to casino resorts, lottery products, etc. It powers a good range of titles such as Single Deck Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Lucky 7, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, etc. Playing Amaya’s Single Deck Blackjack with a basic strategy brings down the house edge to 0.26%, one of the lowest around. 

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  • yggdrasil


    With just a decade of operating in the iGaming landscape, Yggdrasil has been nothing but impressive. When you talk about immersive graphics and 3D designs, Yggdrasil always comes to mind, making it a well-sought-after provider in most casinos. It has a growing catalogue of table games, of which blackjack is a part. At the time of this review, Yggdrasil’s blackjack list includes Lucky Blackjack, Dr Fortuno Blackjack and Sonya Blackjack. That’s what Yggdrasil stands for: uniqueness, creativity, and innovation.

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  • isoftbet


    iSoftBet is a popular software developer with a reputation for making games with an industry-standard RTP. Having been around for over a decade, the company continues to wow slots and table games enthusiasts with its engrossing titles. These titles include different kinds of online blackjack, giving you enough opportunity to choose your best from iSoftBet’s shelves. Some of its blackjack games include Blackjack, Blackjack VIP, Blackjack French, Blackjack Atlantic City, Blackjack VIP Multihand, etc.

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Online blackjack play for free


Online blackjack with bonus bets

Bonus or side bets are a fun feature commonly found in many blackjack titles. A side bet is an optional extra wager that players can make at the start of a blackjack round. The side bet in a game is usually situated next to the main bet area on a blackjack table. In addition to your usual bet, you can place side bets to increase your payouts. 

Speaking of payouts, side bets have different odds and awards. For example, by making a Perfect Pairs bet, you stake money on the possibility that your two initial cards will be of the same value or suit, for example, 10/10. A full Perfect Pair pays 30:1 (25:1 in some games), while a Coloured Pair pays 10:1, and a Mixed Pair (black/red) pays 5:1. Other popular side bets include 21+3, super 7s, royal match, lucky ladies and insurance bet. 

Best blackjack games with side bets

Premier Blackjack with Side Bets by Switch Studios and Microgaming is one of Nigeria’s most-played titles with side bets. It features two prominent side bets—21+3 and Perfect Pairs— and the regular Insurance bet. And this puts the game in high demand across many casinos in the country. It’s also a multi-hand game where the 21+3 side bet pays 100:1 for a suited 3-of-a-kind and 25:1 for a perfect pair.

NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack is another enriching title packed with 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bets. With a general RTP of 99.53%, the RTP varies for each side bet. You can play up to 3 hands simultaneously, giving a multifaceted dimension to the entertainment on offer. In terms of payouts, 21+3 pays 100:1, while Perfect Pairs pays 25:1. 


Blackjack is one of the few centuries-old table games that have successfully transitioned to online casinos. The game has maintained a wonderful outlook of fun and entertainment for all players. There are different game providers, and their respective collections cut across almost all variations. Such variations include American (sometimes called Classic), European, and Spanish 21. To spice things up for players, some titles provide bonus games and progressive jackpots, which altogether make blackjack an enthralling casino game. 

Once you study and incorporate basic strategy into your gameplay, you can maximise the player’s edge. But don’t forget to practise such basic strategy extensively with demo games, have some discipline while playing for real money, and, importantly, play at reputable casinos. Our list of the best online casinos blackjack in Nigeria comprises well-established casinos with an impressive catalogue of popular blackjack titles. 

Online blackjack FAQ

Is online blackjack fair?

Yes. Online blackjack uses random number generators (RNG) to determine outcomes beyond the casino’s influence. Trusted online casinos audit their software occasionally through third-party organisations to ensure their game systems are always transparent. So online blackjack is fair at such reliable casinos.

How to play online blackjack?

To play online blackjack for real money, ensure you have mastered the basic blackjack strategy. Sign up at any blackjack casino on this page, place real funds in your account and select any title that interests you. Once the game loads, choose your wager and tap the “deal” button. Then hit, stand, double down or split, depending on your and the dealer’s cards.

What RTP does online blackjack have?

The RTP in online blackjack varies across different versions and games (typically, it ranges between 98% and 99.50%). Also, the RTP of blackjack games mainly differs from provider to provider. So, verify your preferred game’s RTP before playing.

What are the most popular blackjack providers?

The most popular blackjack providers in NG casinos are Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil, Amaya and iSoftBet. You’ll find several blackjack versions from these developers at any best online casinos for blackjack from our list.

Where can I find the best online blackjack?

The best online blackjack games are available at all our recommended casinos. These casinos are licensed and regulated in and outside Nigeria, while their software is audited occasionally by independent third-party agencies.

How much can I win in online blackjack?

Blackjack (a natural 21) pays 3:2. However, in most blackjack titles with bonus or side bets, you can win 500:1 for winning a side bet. Also, there are progressive blackjack titles where your wins can be massive.